Why Instagram is so Important for a New Business

For a young business, one of your key objectives is going to be acquiring both customers and exposure to potential customers, and Instagram is a great way to get started. Inexpensive and easy to learn, Instagram for business provides great resources for new businesses getting on their feet.

If you’re not using Instagram for your small business, you’re really missing out on a cool way to establish your brand.

Here are our top reasons why your new business should create an Instagram account!

The sheer volume of accounts!

There are over 800 million Instagram accounts active every month, and 500 million of those are active every single day. This means that when it comes to content, you’ve got about 800 million potential sets of eyes ready to enjoy your content. Also, Instagram is the fourth most downloaded app in the world and growing.

Users are already comfortable engaging with brands.

A cool 80% of Instagram users already follow a business account on Instagram. This is a huge leg up for you as a company, because consumers are already prepared and even looking forward to engaging with branded content in their social media feed.

You can teach consumers about your brand.

For a new brand, Instagram offers a fantastic and visual way to present the story of your company to your audience without having to get them to read marketing collateral. You can visually present the solution you offer while showcasing your product and the behind the scenes work that goes into it. Share culture events, quotes that represent your brand’s philosophy, tips and tricks, and videos about your product to educate consumers.

There’s very little startup cost to get going.

Aside from the cost of a smart phone, you don’t need equipment or even any paid Instagram ads to begin posting. Take photos with your phone, do some edits on basic photo editing software that you can get for free, and maybe add in a graphic overlay with a free to use site like Canva, and there you go! Ready-to-post content for a grand total of zero dollars.

Easily establish your visual identity.

When it comes to creating a visual language for your brand, Instagram couldn’t make it any easier. Just pick a filter and maybe a font, and you’ve got a barebones visual language for your brand ready to go. Interesting fact: WebDam found that 60 percent of top brands on Instagram use a consistent filter on every photo they post.

Instagram stories make sharing easy!

250 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day, and your brand can too! Like Snapchat but easier to advertise with, Stories are a popular tool for business. These posts disappear after 24 hours, so you can take creative risks and share behind the scenes info and exclusive content quickly and easily.

In short, new businesses absolutely should take advantage of Instagram’s features to develop a social media marketing strategy that converts and delights its users!

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