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6 Ways You Can Better Utilize Instagram For Your Business

Did you know that 65 percent of Instagram images get under 0-10 likes? If that statistic is frustratingly believable, you may be having trouble using Instagram to its full potential.

And you’re not alone! Instagram is an outlier in the social media world, and it can be tricky to figure out how to work the platform to your advantage.
Today’s post will examine some top tips for getting more out of your Instagram page and increasing your engagement rates and your social media prowess.

1. Use your bio

First and foremost, make sure your bio has all your information on it.
Don’t assume that people coming to your page know who you are: clarify what you do and where you do it. Be concise and specific, and be sure to include links to your web page.

If you’re a content producer, you may want to link to your newest article or resource on your site, but whatever you do, be descriptive and accurate.

2. Use Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are more than just an alternative to Snapchat: they’re a powerful tool for generating engagement and attention on your posts. There isn’t official data on this yet, but sharing on Instagram Stories often correlates to an increased engagement rate on the rest of your page.

As a bonus, you’ll also appear on Instagram’s explore page, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun with the feature as well.

3. Include a CTA

One of the most basic tools in a marketer’s bag of tricks is the call to action. Asking or inviting your audience to do something as simple as leaving a comment or sharing an experience can translate to higher likes on a post with little to no effort on your end.

4. Schedule your posts out

When you’re posting, try using an automation program to schedule your posts out well in advance. Posting regularly is one of the best ways to keep engagement rates high, and you’ll find that it saves you a lot of time to do this all at once, rather than piecemeal.

Put plenty of thought put into when you send your posts out. Some programs have automated estimates for ideal posting times, but you can also rely on your own firsthand knowledge of your industry and audience.

5. Make your top posts count

Keep the overall image of your page in mind when you’re posting. Remember that most potential followers aren’t going to scroll through your entire feed to get a sense of what your page is about, so be mindful of what your page looks like at first glance. Your top posts should always be cohesive with each other.

6. Don’t use bots

Finally, don’t ever buy followers or likes with bots. It’s against the terms of service, and if you do it, your posts won’t show up in the hashtag feed you use. Not good.

Also, it’s obvious, and it makes you look bad, which is the total opposite of what Instagram should be doing for you.

Instagram is a fun and lighthearted platform with real potential for increasing engagement, so we hope this gave you some ideas on how to improve your social media game!

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